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Our family greatly appreciates the sensitive and compassionate service provided by Driggers & Decker Family Funeral home during the difficult time of the passing of my husband, Gordon Martin. Every detail was handled professionally and also with a personal touch that made us feel that you were almost part of the family. We will always remember with gratitude how you provided guidance in making decisions that enabled us to give a fitting farewell to Gordon -- one that we feel was in keeping with his faith, with what he would have wanted, and with that which provided the most comfort to his loved ones. The funeral was held only two days after his passing, but everything was beautifully prepared. The love you show as you join the family as a pallbearer and assist the children in placing roses on the casket speaks volumes.

Mayo Martin
August 14, 2019

There are no words to express the gratitude my family received from Gregg and Ashleigh. From the moment Gregg arrived to take Daddy until the burial I knew my family was in GREAT hands. Their compassion and caring made the whole process so much easier. They went above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend Driggers and Decker Funeral Home to everyone. The facility and additional staff was outstanding, as well!
Many Thanks!!

Lisa Cook - Daughter of Joe M. Franklin, Sr.
June 16, 2019

Greg Driggers and Ashleigh Decker are the most compassionate individuals throughout the whole process of my dads funeral. During the hardest time in our lives, they made sure to help us with every little detail. I cant say enough good things about this place. Thank you so much for all the help and making this process go so smoothly.

Misty Curfman
May 20, 2019

Owners Ashleigh and her father Greg went above and beyond from the very start. Handling my father's sudden passing and the turmoil surrounding it was very difficult, but they helped to alleviate so much of that burden every step of the way. They quickly helped put together my father's memorial, expedited his portrait along with all of the other necessary memorial materials, and making sure everything was beautifully done. Their professional advice regarding the the entire process that one faces at this time was invaluable. As other complicating factors arose even after my father's memorial and cremation, they still jumped in without hesitation and continued to help until we were able to get everything finalized. They did far more than I ever expected. Their sensitivity, kindness, and can-do attitude is the real thing. Nothing they do ever had that "funeral home" feeling, didn't ever get any sales pitches or anything like that. They're just real people who know that they have an important job to do for their community. It was as if I had called up my friends who just happened to own a funeral home and asked if they could help me out. Finding them was a blessing, and choosing them was one of the best decisions I made.

Michael Burnett
April 1, 2019

About a year and a half ago, these people were so good to us when my grandma died from Alzheimer's. I'm glad me and my mom found them. I feel like God shined the spotlight on them and said "go there". So we did and everything went well.

Dan Lee
March 20, 2019

Lainie Deal from Petals Plus recommended Driggers and Decker funeral home after my son passed away I had no idea what to do and Lainie had Ashleigh Decker text me and I immediately made an appointment for the next morning. I was greeted by Gregg and then I was met by the sweetest most bubbly person know as Ashleigh we sat down and talked for awhile explaining the cremation process then went on to explain about body donations I knew nothing about the subject but knew that's what I wanted for my son so he may help others live we immediately started the paper work and helped me throughout the process.She has always had a smile on her face during my difficult time and I am putting in my will I want Driggers and Decker Funeral Home to take care of my remains because I know they genuinely care about their customers both the living and ones that have passed

Richard Witmore
February 19, 2019

Greg and Ashley,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job coordinating Lee’s service. Everyone I spoke with mentioned how beautiful and organized the service was. Your professional team outperformed all expectations and I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my family. We are so glad we chose Driggers and Decker Family Funeral Home.

Steve Plumer
February 13, 2019

We would like to thank you for a wonderful service and the funeral you and your staff did for our Sharon Lee Plumer on Friday night and Saturday morning. We will always remember her in the red casket that was so beautiful and wonderful way she left our presence for our Lord to accept her. We truly appreciate you and Steve Plumer for choosing you and your funeral home to take care of her. Thank you so much.

Sharon & Louie A. Mock
February 4, 2019

Gregg Driggers and Ashleigh Decker were amazing throughout the whole process of my sweet Mama’s Celebration of Life. They were compassionate but professional, understanding and patient and very detail oriented without making it look difficult. Many thoughtful and nice and unexpected touches made it all very comforting.
The actual funeral home is beautifully and tastefully appointed.
I highly recommend Driggers and Decker Family Funeral Home!

Debbie and Andy Corkin - Timber Rock House, Midlothian
October 23, 2018

I just wanted to say thank you to Gregg and Ashleigh for making the process with my sister, Susan, a lot easier. You guys are very special to my heart. I actually feel like I've know you forever and I'm glad to have found y'all. I truly appreciate you both... you are special people!
I've NEVER been more "comfortable" for lack of a better words... in any funeral service establishment...Until I met Ashleigh and her Dad, Gregg. I can not say ENOUGH about how attentive & CARING they were to our needs. It's herd to eve nothing clearly at a time of loss. We are truly blesses to have came across these WONDERFUL PEOPLE. I don't want to think of needing their services again, but when we do, I will go no where else than here. They are like family to us now!

Gena Moore
September 7, 2018

On behalf of the Costilla Family, we would like to thank you for your services. As a grieving family, the moment we walked into your establishment, we felt the genuine warmth, respect and above all, you should you cared. You have provided excellent and professional services and helped us through the entire process. We could not have asked for more.

The Costilla Family

Adela Costilla
July 18, 2018

I cannot speak enough good about Driggers and Decker. Professionalism at it's finest and you can tell they are fulfilling a calling not just working a job. My sister passed a few weeks back and Greg came out made the transition and accommodations very fluid. Their team really takes the whole family on as family and you feel just that when handling such a hard situation. This family is truly blessed and very good at blessing others in a difficult time. There were lots of little demands our family had for the viewing, funeral, and grave site, not once were ideas or requests rejected both Greg and Ashleigh said yes we can handle it. And trust me it was handled and very well. They teamed with the chruch, flower shop, and cemetery so we did not have to scrounge and or run around clueless of where to start and what to do. They allowed time to grieve and process for the family both with friends and intimately. Red Oak has gained a set of angels in having Driggers and Decker Family Funeral Home. Death is never easy, and no matter how much you might be preparing for it you're never ready, and the team around you walking step by step is what makes the journey a little less grey, so do yourself a favor and allow this team to walk beside you in your hard time.

Naomi M.
July 5, 2018

They were awesome when my brother in law passed I would highly recommend this funeral home .Just the best

Sherry Johnson
April 16, 2018

They were wonderful when my husband passed away in December. Never pushy, just wanted to help. Thank you!

Karen Grimsley
April 10, 2018

I love these guys. They're the best funeral home in Ellis county. I highly recommend them 100% and affordable

Melissa Ybanez
March 29, 2018

I want to thank Gregg on the outstanding job he did for my family. We lost our Dad on March 6 and this family was so pleasant and professional with their service. I would recommend this funeral home and Gregg to anybody in need.

Thank you the family of Walter Colvin

Lisa Pyle
March 15, 2018

At one of the most difficult times in my life with the loss of my daughter these people were so loving and caring. They took great care of my daughter then they took great care of our family and friends. They helped us every step of the way. God bless you all for following your calling to this profession. From the Ella Michael family.

Debbie Tucker
March 5, 2018

Must say this father and daughter company is the BEST seriously couldn’t have asked for anyone better to take care of my sister during our hard time of need.. you know you've been to funerals where their hair or makeup isn’t right, she was PERFECT from day one. Would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone no matter where they live... thank you guys for going above an beyond to help my family.

Angela Windon Hosp
March 5, 2018

If you are looking for a professional, clean, nice, sympathetic and efficient funeral home then you must go with Driggers and Decker. My Dad passed away locally and I am from out of state with no clue about funeral homes. Could not be happier with their service. They talked me through each step and I felt comfortable during the process. Thank you for everything you did for my family!

Nicole C.
February 1, 2018

I am forever blessed by Ashleigh Decker who walked every step of the journey with my infant loss. She brought comfort and peace at a heartbreaking time. This is a wonderful funeral home with people that have a servants heart. I can't say Thank You enough.

Jennifer Greene
December 23, 2017

Driggers & Decker are people of integrity. I would trust them with any of my loved ones.

November 29, 2017

Wonderful loving people, definitely out to take care your family's needs!

November 17, 2017

My mother was very ill before her passing. I've had the privilege to know Gregg and his family for many years. When I told her Gregg would handle her memorial service she smiled and said 'Gregg was always one of my boys and I knew he would do well.' His family took great care in the planning and execution of my mother's service and making sure everything was just right. She would have been very pleased and I appreciate all of the little things your family did while taking great care of my family. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Garry Kearnes
October 2, 2017

The family that owns and operates this funeral home treated my family and I with upmost respect and handled everything we needed. The building is very new and beautifully decorated. They had plenty of snacks and drinks for everyone during the visitation and went to great lengths to make sure everyone was comfortable​ and satisfied at all times.

Conner Tennery
September 13, 2017

My family had been using a funeral home in Waxahachie since the 70's. I was facing the impending death of my mother. I called the funeral home in Waxahachie and did not like what I heard. I saw a marker at a Cemetary from Driggers and Decker. I went to them and was amazed at everything. He knew exactly what I wanted. Greg Driggers is a honest and caring man and his main objective is helping . My mother looked great. He did everything he promised to do and worked very well with me. I was so impressed that I'm going to buy my pre funeral policy from him. I highly recommend this family owned funeral home. His building is beautiful also and I know when my time comes, I want him to take care of me and my family.

Lori Jackson
September 2, 2017

I am totally grateful for Gregg and his staff for the outstanding service that they gave to my mom today. Gregg went over and beyond our expectations with his performance of services and We will be forever grateful. He made this day so much easier to bare by showing us compassion, empathy and his overall respect for our loss. Not only was the customer services impeccable from Gregg and his staff but the facility itself is amazing and beautiful. I am so happy that my sister found you. I highly recommend Driggers & Decker Family Funeral Home to anyone that has to deal with a loss of a loved one. Thank you again Gregg for making this day easier for me and my family.

Angela O'Neal Yeatts
August 28, 2017

The most important thing I can say is "Driggers & Decker Family Funeral Home has my vote!" Gregg and Ashleigh are two phenomenal people. Caring from the word "Go"! This father-daughter team go above and beyond to comfort the mourning, guide the saddened and nurture the now lonely. I lost my husband, Dr. Jack Nunn suddenly and did not have clue what to do or where to begin. Gregg and Ashleigh embraced me from the moment I walked through the doors of their lovely funeral home. Their facility is gorgeous beyond belief. I instantly felt at ease and knew for certain this was where I belonged and needed to be. They were loving and caring, efficient and timely. I never had to be concerned about the arrangements because if I forgot something they were kind enough to remind me. I sincerely would recommend Driggers & Decker Family Funeral Home to everyone seeking peace of mind in making final arrangements for their loved ones. These folks and their facility are amazing!

Connie Polito-Nunn
July 4, 2017

It is the attention to the smallest of details that make you feel so wonderful about this place. Sincerity shines through in every way from this father-daughter team at Driggers and Decker Family Funeral Home. Greg and Ashleigh will envelope you with their compassion from the moment you walk in. Already feeling overwhelmed at the sudden loss of my husband, Gary, on Feb 25, 2017 i wasn't sure how to proceed with the many decisions i knew were ahead of me. Ashleigh walked me through the choices i had and took care of the many large and small details that make a service feel personal for your loved one. The building and decor are stylish and so very beautiful. The visitation, service and graveside burial were just what we envisioned. Greg and Ashleigh are true experts in their field, professional and most importantly kind and caring. Thank you for taking care of our family at such a difficult time. We definitely recommend Driggers and Decker Family Funeral Home.

Mrs. Gary Crider
June 28, 2017

Mrs. Gary Crider
June 28, 2017

Very friendly staff, and huge nice funeral home

Ernie M.
June 22, 2017

Wonderful place, Awesome people great service. I highly recommend! Thank you Greg and Ashley you are so nice and professional you have a beautiful home. God Bless you and your business.

June 16, 2017

We had a very beloved family member pass recently and had to make arrangements which is something I have never had to do. We walked in and meet the family that owns and operates this funeral home and knew this was the place. They treated my family and I with upmost respect and went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met. The building is very new and beautifully decorated. They had plenty of snacks and drinks for everyone during the visitation and went to great lengths to make sure everyone was comfortable​ and satisfied at all times during the memorial service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know.

Epigmenio C.
June 5, 2017

Driggers and Decker exceeded our expectations when my mother in law passed away. They provided us with exceptional support and care while going above and beyond for our family and friends. Greg and Ashleigh paid close attention to every detail and were always available. Their level of expertise and knowledge was very helpful.
We highly recommend Driggers and Decker.

Melissa Tennery
May 30, 2017

My husband, Howard, passed away March 13, 2017. Driggers and Decker were all anyone could ask for. Mr. Driggers, Greg, walk me and my family through what could have been even more painful than it already was, time. Even after they were warm and caring and continue to help in more ways than I can say. I want to recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Mrs. Howard Edwards
May 24, 2017

What a great experience, by a family that truly cares

Patti Garrison
March 24, 2017

This family owned business was the best choice we made while dealing with my father's tragic accident. Because they care about the family's the deal with, I was comfortable in choices they presented at a time when my family couldn't make any choices. I'm so happy we chose them and bittersweet consolation that we were their first clients.

Delisa Rhodes
March 2, 2017

My husband and I went to pick up some information about prearrangements there the other day. We were amazed at how beautiful the building was! We even got to meet the owners, Ashleigh and Gregg and they were so friendly and helpful! They gave us a tour and sat and talked with us for a while. We are definitely coming back to do our prearrangements them.

Liz H.
February 24, 2017

With all of the dedicated experience and community involved in the venture, It will be a true value add to the community. Thanks you for bringing it home and for what you are bringing to build on an already outstanding place to work, live, and do business.

Clayton Sherley
September 14, 2016

It will be wonderful to have a state of the arts funeral home in southern Dallas county.

Ann Fields
February 10, 2016

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